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Dear Friends,

We have designed this website that we might bless and encourage President Donald J. Trump and thank him for the wonderful way that he is leading
our 'Great Nation'.  He truly is making America great again!!

Please know that you will be able to send in your words of encouragement and prayers via email, we will then publish them on this website. Your prayers and words of encouragement do make a difference.  Your prayers and words of encouragement will have a profound impact upon President Trump and his family, and upon our great nation.

We pray that the Lord will richly bless you as you pray the prayers that the Lord will lay upon your heart.  The best is yet to come for America!!

                                                           Abundant blessings,

                                                           Rich & Dottie Kane,
                                                           Executive Directors
                                                           & Israel National Advisors




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Abundant Blessings,
Rich & Dottie